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Product - BIRDonCloud (Business Intelligence Reporting and Datavisualization)

BIRDonCloud is a blazing fast, cloud-powered Business Intelligence (BI) product, with auto-discovery features that makes it easy for all kind of users to generate business insights across multiple data sources and to build powerful visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, with big data elastic in-memory features for rapid querying of data. BIRDonCloud uses big data architecture to rapidly build data store/warehouses from traditional OLTP/flat files/other sources, thereby reducing the time to deploy a BI architecture across your organization from months to days. BIRDonCloud integrates automatically with cloud infrastructure, with multi-tenancy, enables organizations to scale to hundreds of thousands of users, and delivers fast and responsive query performance with Elastic in-memory query engine. A cost-effective, reliable and proven product enables you to deliver rich BI functionality to everyone in your organization.

Gone are those days, Organizations used to make decisions based on complex datamarts/warehouses. In the data-driven age that we are in, quick and intelligent decisions have to be made, looking at large volumes of data coming from discrete data sources at the speed of thought.

Predictive Reporting/Analytics

BIRD uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand user's search/query patterns and recommends other relevant reports that could be of user's interest. A novel feature that is unique to BIRD. Advanced and interactive visualizations help the analysts in getting to the root cause quickly.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

BIRD is a 100% self-service business intelligence and reporting tool. Once you have BIRD in-hand, you don't need IT team's help to develop reports for you any more. BIRD's friendly user-interface lets you create and collaborate powerful and dynamic reports.

Elastic In-memory Database

BIRD internally uses Elastic In-memory Database to query data, there by increasing performance, scalability, and fail-over. Millions of data records can be fetched in milli-seconds in BIRD, using this feature.

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